Financial Management

We are experienced in helping overseas operations set up and then assisting them to manage their financial and administrative affairs. Our international services include:

  • Finding local Stakeholders, Partners, Joint Venture and we continue by
  • Requesting local financing by banks, development banks and government. We have access to a network of bank contacts and other commercial private lenders, investors or angel investors. Business Anatomy can help you in securing the best deals around, also comparing the best interest rates and terms available in the marketplace, arrange the loans for you and save you money in the process. Moreover, Business Anatomy helps your business with mergers, acquisitions and disposals, banks relationships and company valuations.
  • Local logistic & legal assistance including operational advising and Strategic planning consulting services
  • Accounting (Corporate tax services & VAT advice) Accounting services are tailored to meet your needs and include bookkeeping on-site/off-site, annual accounts, which enables us to give you advise about taxation and business development, and management accounting, as up to date and current financial information are key to the smooth running of your business, monthly or quarterly.
  • Corporate tax services. Business Anatomy gives advice on a wide range of business tax matters including: preparation of corporation tax computations and returns, corporation tax planning, corporate group structures, business succession planning, sales of businesses and business assets.BA offers a full and comprehensive VAT consultancy and planning service which includes: standard VAT registrations in our group of countries, VAT registrations for non-residency businesses, VAT refunds for overseas businesses, also able to assist with queries on VAT in other EU member states.
  • Business consultancy & Cash flow and profit forecasting we offer positive guidance to business owners who want to achieve: growth, improvement in profitability, improvement in efficiency, improvement in financial control.Monitoring your cash-flow and forecasting future profitability are fundamental to effective business management and enables funding to be secured with backers and banks. Performance¬† improvement services consist of process redesigning to reducing administrative costs, improving financial performance, engaging and retaining customers, and improving accountability and reporting.
  • Business start-up and business-plans - Advice and full company setting up, registration and connection to several international business networks. Business planning and funding through our network of investors, providing a cost-effective and efficient company formation service for, new companies, shelf companies, unquoted public companies, limited companies LLC, unlimited companies¬†.